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I like to embrace new technologies (or invent them altogether), and make something useful out of them, from concept stage all the way to production and consumer / business adoption.

So far worked 25+ years in start-ups, with some short dabbling in Fortune 500 companies for the experience.

Lived 18 years in the US (1994-2012; in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas), actively participated in the pre-internet ‘geek’ world for the emerging Internet, and then in the Internet boom – in Silicon Valley – when the consumers (the masses) joined for wide-spread adoption by 1994. Owned a Cray, and love to create new technologies and businesses. Currently I live in Berlin, Germany.

Done / participated in many technical “firsts” (here just the major ones):

1st Internet Service Proider (ISP) in my hometown (1987)
1st loss-less X-ray Digitalization (1990)
1st Animation on the Web (1995) – Macromedia ShockWave (let to buy and further develop Flash, enabling YouTube, later sold to Adobe)
1st Content-Mirror-Website (1995) – Precursor for Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) – Tokyo / Stockholm / London / San Francisco
1st content-aggregation website with 400+ contributors (IGN, 1998)
1st pick-your-carrier ‘Super-POP’ data center (1999) – with FCC license for VoIP, built it in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara
1st Link – T3 = 45 MBit/s – between Bank of America and Nationsbank on BofA Acquisition (1998)
1st Global Barter solution with Crypto Currency “Barter Dollar” (2000)
1st Cross-Institution Money Transfer via web service (2000)
1st free public WiFi hotspot (2001) – featured in WIRED magazine April 2003
1st long-range WiFi War-Driving Van (2001) – 8-mile scan across San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge
1st on-the-spot WiFi encryption breaking via my own Cray CS6400 supercomputer (2002)
1st working (!) Defense against distributed Denial-of-Service (dDoS) attacks (2004)
1st Mobile-App enabled Customer Involvement in Automotive Repair (2009) – “Brick & Mortar” use, over 1m YouTube Views
1st fully encrypted Real-Life / Cyber Cross-Over ThreadStream LogicGates (“Beyond Bits & Bytes)”: ExoWarfare (2012)
1st Blockchain Supercomputers (MSEM) – from PetaHash to ExaHash (DEV: 2014)

NOW (2015): the Battle for the Blockchain Infrastructure Control is ON – who has the first 3 ExaHash online? :)

After setting up so many websites over all these years, mostly for others, and maintaining profiles on a wide variety of social media and business networking sites, it is time to consolidate all those presences, and not rely on the mercy of policies and uptime of the Facebook’ss, LinkedIn’s, and Google’s.

So, as time permits, I will be building this new site, hosted for privacy reasons in the Netherlands.

In the meantime, you can look at various other sites across the net:

Curriculum Vitae with Pics & Video:
on LinkedIn (Business Use: you need an account to see all relevant details)
on Facebook (Personal Use: you must have an account to see me)
at BlockChain Industries (BCI) in Berlin

… and some old(er) sites, preserved (there are many, many more, but not listed here):
2012 – Novato Research Park –, RLC – a Delaware C-Corporation (Incorporated 2008)
2002 – 2005 – Melior Inc. CyberWarfare – DDOS.COM
2003 – Melior Inc.- early dDoS version site
2003 – Daily Internet Digest
2002 – 2003 – Melior IntraNet (initial version to 2003 – outdated now after 10+ years, shows how much works goes into a start-up)
2002 – Melior Inc – initial iSecure dDoS site
2001 – 2002 – (a joint venture for WiFi networks on premier Golf Clubs – reference: 1st free public WiFi Access Point)
2001 – MTM Venture Capitala Delaware C-Corporation (Incorporated 2001)
1996 – Melior Inc. – a Delaware C-Corporation (Incorporated 1996)