High-Level CV Overview

CTO – BlockChain Industries Inc. (BCI)
Head of Technology – Quantum Blocks Inc.
Entrepreneur in Residence, Cyber Innovation Hub (KdoCIR)
Cyber Command, German Armed Forces – Bundeswehr

I like to embrace (or invent) new technologies, and make something useful out of them, from concept stage all the way to production and adoption.

BGP4 Internet infrastructure, high-availability service delivery, and cyber security have also always been a part of my business life.


So far worked 25+ years in start-ups, with some short dabbling in Fortune 50 companies for the experience.

Lived 18 years in the USA (1994-2012; in Los Angeles, San Francisco / Silicon Valley, and Dallas), actively participated in the pre-internet ‘geek’ world for the emerging Internet since 1985, and during the Internet boom – in Silicon Valley – when the consumers (the masses) joined for wide-spread adoption by 1994.

Owned a Cray, and love to create new technologies and businesses. Currently I live in Berlin, Germany.

Done / participated in many technical “firsts”:

1st Internet Service Provider (ISP) in my hometown (1987)
1st Artificial Intelligence Learning Software for Law Students (1989)
1st Loss-Less X-ray Digitalization (1990)
1st Animation on the Web (1995) – Macromedia ShockWave (became Flash, enabling YouTube)
1st Content-Mirror Website (1995) – Precursor for CDNs – Tokyo / Stockholm / London / San Francisco
1st Content-Aggregation Website with 400+ contributors (IGN, 1998)
1st Pick-Your-Carrier ‘Super-POP’ data center (1999) – built it in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara
1st Link – T3 = 45 MBit/s – between Bank of America and Nationsbank on BofA Acquisition (1998)
1st Global Barter solution with Crypto Currency “Barter Dollar” (2000)
1st Cross-Institution US Money Transfer via web service (2000)
1st Free Public WiFi Hotspot (2001) – featured in WIRED magazine (USA) April 2003
1st Long-range WiFi War-Driving Van (2001) – 8-mile scan across San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge
1st On-the-spot WiFi Encryption Breaking via my own Cray CS6400 supercomputer (2002)
1st Working (!) Defense against distributed Denial-of-Service (dDoS) attacks (2004)
1st Digitization of Automotive Repair (2009) – “Brick & Mortar”, over 1.5m YouTube Views
1st AI & Deep Learning: Fully Encrypted Real-Life-Cyber (RLC) ThreadStream LogicGates: ExoWarfare (2012)
1st Blockchain Supercomputers (MSEM) – Bitcoin Mining from PetaHash to ExaHash (2014, 2015)
1st Scalability Design for Blockchain Growth while lowering Transaction Cost (2016)
1st Technical Design & Business Case to exceed 51% of every Blockchain PoW Infrastructure (2016)