Xenix – Unix – Linux

My 1999-2002 UNIX license plate

I have always been a dedicated user of stable operating systems, starting with Xenix and going through all the evolutions since.

Active supporter of the Linux Foundation, thus I have a life-time e-Mail address:



My very first host on the Internet in 1985, connected via automatic dial-up through Telebit T2500 modems at 19,200 bps on the PEP protocol, ran SCO Xenix on a 80286-based Compaq computer with 4 MB RAM and a 20 MB HDD. The host name for it was “TJACK” (my initials) – and through this machine (hooked up to 4 telephone lines) I was my hometown’s first ISP.



This is *my* NeXt cube booting – Cooper was kind enough to take the time to record it … my voice at 5:15 into the clip.