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The Quantum Spy Author David Ignatius on the Future of High-Tech Espionage -- 16 Jan 2018 - The intersection of quantum computing and espionage may feel like a faraway future. But in his latest novel, David Ignatius, Washington’s own John le Carré, tackles just that. The Quantum Spy, out now, revolves around a central theme of spy literature: the race for a new technology, to discover something ... Read More
Physicists Just Discovered a Way to Track Unobserved Quantum Particles -- 25 Dec 2017 - This new way to track unobserved quantum particles could allow scientists to test old predictions in quantum mechanics. These include ideas like that a particle can exist in two places at the same time, or suggestions like telepathy in which information can be transmitted between two people without any particles ... Read More
Researchers Reveal First-Ever Complete Quantum Chip Architecture -- 16 Dec 2017 - Researchers at the University of New South Wales have revealed an architectural structure that solves some of the stability issues that are facing quantum computing scientists, according to a recent report. The new architecture, which the report compared in significance to landing a man on the Moon, utilizes currently available ... Read More
Hyperaware Machines: Will AI Ever Become Conscious, And How Would We Know if It Did? -- 11 Dec 2017 - 11 DEC 2017 Forget about today's modest incremental advances in artificial intelligence, such as the increasing abilities of cars to drive themselves. Waiting in the wings might be a groundbreaking development: a machine that is aware of itself and its surroundings, and that could take in and process massive amounts ... Read More
Physicists Just Transferred Quantum Data Between Different Materials For The First Time -- 09 Dec 2017 - A critical step to quantum internet. 8 DEC 2017 Scientists just took a big step towards the goal of quantum computers, and even a quantum internet to connect them, after successfully using photons to transfer quantum information between a cold atomic gas and a solid crystal. Passing data between these ... Read More
D-Wave Makes Quantum Leap with Reverse Annealing -- 21 Nov 2017 - The art and science of quantum annealing to arrive at a best of all worlds answer to difficult questions has been well understood for years (even if implementing it as a computational device took time). But that area is now being turned on its head—all for the sake of achieving ... Read More
IBM managed to maintain the quantum state for both systems for a total of 90 microseconds. -- 15 Nov 2017 - IBM Just Announced an Insanely Powerful 50-Qubit Quantum Computer Along with even more quantum computing records. DOM GALEON, FUTURISM 11 NOV 2017 At the IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing in Washington DC on Friday, IBM announced the development of a quantum computer capable of handling 50 qubits ... Read More
Intel created a superconducting test chip for quantum computing not running at zero kelvin -- 15 Nov 2017 - Quantum computing is the next big technological revolution, and it's coming sooner than you might think. IBM unveiled its own quantum processor this past May, scientists have been experimenting with silicon-laced diamonds (and basic silicon, too) as a quantum computing substrate, Google is already looking at cloud-based solutions and Microsoft ... Read More

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